The family room is an important part of a home. Of all the rooms in the house, the family room is one room that is most often used as a gathering place for all family members. Therefore, having a family room that is comfortable and roomy is the dream of every homeowner.

In order for a family room in our house feels more airy and spacious, there are some tips on decorating a family room that might be able to make the guidelines to rearrange the living room at home.

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1. Choosing the right colors for walls and floors

Dark colors on walls or floors do tend to be cold and uncomfortable because it does not absorb light. But the use of dark-colored paint will make a room feel more cramped. Despite having a family room that is not too large, we can still use light colored paint to give the impression of the room.

If white is too monotonous for you, choose the color of ivory, peach , beige, brown, or yellow. For the floor, instead of using wood floors, or dark-colored ceramic is better to use bright colored granite or marble. This type of floor will give the impression area simultaneously cool the room.

2. Choosing the right furniture

Furniture selection also affects the impression we would feel of a room. If you feel that your family room is not too big, do not use wood or teak furniture that tend to take up space. Select minimalist furniture made of iron, aluminum, or glass.

To put the television is usually there in the living room, you can hang it on a wall television or put it on a tiny shelf made of steel . For the seat, rather than using a corner sofa that wastes space. Put a sofa two seatslegged to give an impression of space.

Avoid filling every corner of the room with furniture that is not so you need, so that the living room will feel more airy and spacious.

3. Choosing the right carpet

Some people like to put the carpet in the family room. Though the existence of the carpet makes the room feel stuffy and cramped. If you really like the carpet, but want to keep your living room feel more spacious, select the motive and the right carpet material.

Avoid the use of materials that are too thick carpet. Choose a pattern of lines, minimalist, or brightly colored. You can also put a small rug or circular-shaped box that can be placed in the middle of the room.

4. Use mirrors as wall hangings

It is common knowledge that the mirror can be used to give an impression of space in a room. Do not fill your living room with the walls adorned with decorative plates, expensive paintings with carved wooden frames, or rows of family photos. Put it all in another room. Replace wall decoration in the family room with a large mirror elegant and sweet.

5. Keep window curtains open

If your living room has a window with iron bars, remove the grille. Replace your windows with large glass window like the one in the shopping center. Use brightly colored curtains for your windows and let the curtains open during the day so the family room feel more spacious.

Avoid the use of a curtain of heavy material and dangle to the floor. Use curtains of light materials, and let the curtain hang a few inches above the floor.

6. Use the multifunctional furniture to put all your stuff

Today there are a lot of multifunctional furniture that you can put in the family room, so items make the room feel cramped eliminated. For example, instead of putting the books on a wooden shelf, you can buy a table that also serves as a shelf to put a book or magazine.

Use also a minimalist sideboard that can hide the TV and the device home theater in the living room, so that the room feel more spacious. Do not place all the items in the living room. Select the appropriate and necessary items, so that the room is not filled with goods that are not functioning optimally.

7. Paint or paste the wallpaper on the ceiling of the room

Decorating the living room to get the impression of more space not only apply to the color of the walls or furniture only. You also can color the ceiling family room with bright colors. Use the blue sky, if you want to bring nature into the room atmosphere.

If you are a fan of unique things and is not afraid to explore, outboard ceiling family room with wallpaperthat matches your personality. Bright colors or ornate wallpaper on the ceiling to give the impression area.

This happens because according to research, everything that draws your eye to look up would create the illusion of a more spacious room and spacious.

8. Select a light or ornament decoration

Although it only serves as an accessory and decorate the room, some people really like the decorations or ornaments to be put in their living rooms. If you are among these people, do not worry! You can still get impressed airy room without having to throw a favorite ornament.

Avoid big embellishments that can create the impression of cramped in the room. Select minimalist decorations or ornaments made of glass or ceramics. Rather than put a giant Chinese urn in the corner of the room, put some small colorful vases on the table or sideboard will be better.

9. Avoid using bulkhead or partition

If your family room is only separated by a bulkhead to the other room like a dining room or living room, remove barriers between these spaces. Bulkhead or partition will only make the space should be spacious feel cramped. To distinguish each room, using carpet. The use of carpet can show differences in any room and give an impression of space.

10. Install a colored painting firm

If you are a fan of a white wall, you can add one painting post modern great with colors firmly to get an impression of the wider family room. Besides being able to give the impression of vast, painting with color firm will make your room feel more colorful and cheerful.

In addition 10 tips above, you should also consider the harmony of color between walls, ceilings, and furniture in the family room. Too many colors will make the room feel even more cramped and claustrophobic. Choose colors belonging to one gradation.

If you choose white color on the wall, use white color ivory, beige, or brown on the furniture. If you want to give the impression of a cheerful, attach a picture or put a light-colored decoration. Simple but sweet impression this will make the room feel more spacious well as friendly on the eyes.

Those are some tips on decorating the living room so that the room feel more spacious and airy. Hopefully the above information useful, good luck.

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