A Minimal Stylish Stone House in Romagna

This villa in the Romagna of architect Stefano Zaghini has required very short construction times, but the reason is soon explained it is a real masterpiece. What it mainly characterizes is the particular relationship with the context. The openings are structured to make the disc in stone discontinuous and the darkening is entrusted to an aluminum concealed bush system. In this way you do not have the feeling of closure created by traditional systems like shutters or dark. The best thing to know about this project … is to go find it together!

Light cuts

Entrance Entrance Entrance Hall, Hallway & Staircase In Style

Since we have talked about interpenetration between interior and exterior, we begin to visit the house right from this image the entrance lobby solasbars. This environment is illuminated from above, with a splendid wooden skylight skylight, which is the same material we employ for window architraves. The local stone walls recovered, with their expressive materiality, contribute to making this a poetic space.

The corner fireplace

The living area is a great space. The height of the ceilings is remarkable and the wood-framed structure – the beams and the weaving of the joists – is truly an added value. The dining table is a real touch of style, in wood, antique.

Undoubtedly the environment is undoubtedly the corner, imposing and modern fireplace.

The kitchen

The kitchen is simple, basic and geometric. The nuances are natural, in line with the rest of the house. Very nice window in front of the sink, in Italy is a luxury of few! The various living room environments are in continuity, but the structural layout slightly mimics the space.

The livingroom

The living room is an adorable corner! The light comes in and the furniture is very well studied. Light wood has been chosen for both the massive parallelepiped table and delicate wall shelves. It is the perfect place to enjoy moments of relaxation!

The spa with hot tub

This setting is the dream of everyone! An elegant spa with hot tub, sauna and Turkish bath. What else can you want in your own home Here, too, the ceiling structure is visible and characterizes the room. The finishes are very well matched, the floor in large tiles, the wood for the bottom wall and the lock with the closet in its original green meadow … a wonder at the executive level!

Sauna cabin and Turkish bath

This is the other side of the room. With sauna and turkish bath, both with glazed doors … do you need words

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