Having existed for centuries, one-shoulder dresses are in a class of their own. This dress can be a sexy option to low-cut neckline or backless design with its bold exposure of one shoulder and/or arm. For sure, this type of dress creates daring statement of classiness, sensuality, and excitement.

The History

These one-shoulder dresses can be dated back to the ancient Rome where togas were togas were the favored style due to their easiness to create draped design.

Eastern Native Americans – during the time of the Pilgrims landing on Plymouth Rock – and women from India throughout the history preferred this design because easy to be produced and comfortable.

In the 1950s, fashions for celebrities and debutantes were donned full-skirted, one-shoulder dresses.

In 1970s, one-shoulder dresses gained its highest popularity due to Studio 54’s constant party atmosphere.

How to wear

Bodycon styles – or body conscious styles – are increasingly more popular alternatives for wearing these one-shoulder dresses. In choosing the more flattering style, a women needs to figure out her body type.

Petite body type

Stay away from big details like bows etc.; end the hemline just below the knee.

Broad shoulders

A with one long sleeve will expose shoulder and arm as the focus while minimizing width. Have one thick strap lying close to the neck and a fuller skirt to balance proportions.


Wear good quality supportive foundation garments, supportive fabric in the bodice and a thick strap or sleeve for additional support. A full or “A” line skirt, as well as ruffles on the hemline will help balancing proportions.


Add details to the neck/shoulder line like ruffle or spangles; and a narrow skirt.

Large framed

Choose non-stretch fabric with a full length skirt. Avoid largely draped styles to prevent bulky look. Keep proportional details, don’t be too large or too small.

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