Best Ebook reader Energy System

The biggest advantage of this model is the presence of an internal memory of 8 GB, where it is possible to store thousands and thousands of books. This is not a simple ereader, but despite having a 6-inch black and white screen (with Pearl HD electronic ink technology) it acts as a real tablet and has the Android operating system. The ereader has a 1GHz dual core processor and 512MB RAM. There is also the advantage that the screen is backlit and has a resolution of 1024 x 758 and 212 ppi of density with 16 gradations of gray, making it a eraser with a great display. The last but not the least advantage is that it also supports MP3, WMA, WAV and OGG formats for listening to music and audio recordings. Small benefits include lack of a dictionary, a flicker of the screen during reading, and the fact that being a slightly older model does not have a touchscreen.

Selected by Editors – Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

We especially recommend this ebook reader because it is the most complete, cheaper and more advanced. It has a 6 inch display of 300 ppi density, which is both a touch screen with impeccable sensitivity and a backlit screen teknorus. The resolution is also high and the writing is very definite, practically perfect. The internal memory of the device is 4 GB, enough to contain thousands of books, and the battery has an exceptional drive that allows you to read for 21 consecutive hours without jumping. At this time, the eraser has along with the Kindle Touch the cheapest deal on the market and therefore we recommend buying it right now if you have the intention. Even this ebook reader as its cheaper version has a browser, dictionaries and translators, and you can buy the free 3G version forever from Amazon. We did not find any significant disadvantages in this device, which we feel is impeccable in all aspects.

Best ebook reader Kobo Touch

Kobo Touch, ebook reader made by Mondadori, is in Italy the main competitor of Amazon Kindle Touch and has been the crux of many users to make the decision between Amazon’s ereader and this model. An important advantage is that the memory of this device can be expanded through micro SD up to 32 GB, making available a huge amount of giant memory to store digital books. Kobo Touch also has WiFi connectivity thus unlocking the ability to download ebooks and surf the Internet.

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