Chinese Five Elements - Personality Traits

A succession of attributes is correlated with each one of those components, frequently connected to aspects of these substances themselves. Below are the attributes related to all the five elements in Chinese astrology.

Individuals who belong to the metallic element are rigid and rigid. Guided by powerful feeling, these people today pursue their targets with good intensity and small hesitation. Success-oriented and unwavering in their conclusion, Metal folks are capable of protracted attempt to get what they want.

Individuals who belong to the Water section are intuitive and wise. Such individuals are amazing thinkers, philosophers and ingenious. They are great communicators and have capacity to convince folks to get what they need. They’re also effective at making different individuals want what they themselves want. These folks usually occupy multiple careers.

They perform their job diligently and want to continue being active. Productive and concerted, these individuals will stay dedicated to whatever function they need and are proficient in their livelihood.

Individuals who belong to the Fire section are born pioneer. All these folks display above-average attributes of direction. They have magnetic and attractive character, stay enthusiastic and joyful. Fire folks despise isolation and they always enjoy being at the middle of focus. These risk takers want to continue the move and constantly explore new horizons.

Individuals who belong to the Earth section are sensible and full of logic. They adore equilibrium and therefore are exceptionally ambitious. Responsible, dependable and serene, the Earth element folks are notable administrators and planners. Though they are slow to respond but they’re continuous and attentive.

Whenever these five components and also the twelve zodiac animals are united, the abundance and precision of this Chinese astrology reading rises appreciably.

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