Many ways you can do if you want to get a beautiful face beautiful, dazzling without any acne scars or black spots on the face. Acne makes irritation, especially for women, Acne may be difficult to avoid for certain skin types, but you can remove the scars so it is not visible. A powerful and easy way to eliminate acne is by natural means of using various natural materials made from nature and there is no mixture of chemicals that can make your face healthier.
You can do it in several ways, such as:


Better to avoid the occurrence of acne on the face is too often clean your face with cleansing milk and fresheners so that your face remains clean. You can also wash every face after the activity. Do not let your face dirty, dusty, dull and oily, so pimple on earlobe will not easily appear on your face.

You also need to do natural things as a quick way to get rid of acne and acne scars with natural herbal remedies, including:

  • Using a cucumber by slice a cucumber and paste it on the face or on acne and let stand for 15 minutes then rinse clean. You can also use tomatoes and stick on your face.
  • You can make a mask to remove stains on the face by making a mask of blended papaya fruit or from lemon juice.
  • Fruit can also help smooth the skin by smoothing the yam and take the water alone then leave it in the glass until the white sediment appears and use the sediment as a face mask so that the face will be protected from acne.

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