Firefly Launched New City Ticketing Office at Medan
Firefly Launched New City Ticketing Office at Medan
Firefly Launched New City Ticketing Office at Medan

In an effort to add new flight routes, Malaysia’s regional premium airline launched a new route to Indonesia.The route has long been opened by opening City Ticket Office (CTO) in Medan as what you can find out here. Medan is one of the largest cities in Indonesia whose economic growth goes forward. One of the goal from opening new routes is Firefly hopes to increase the number of passengers.

As Part of Company’s Growth

The ability to release this new route was actually as a form of growth evidence from the airline. The company proved if they are able to get customers from many countries, especially in Asia. This new route was expected that growth can be run more significantly. It was certainly supported by various ways and special strategies undertaken by the company management.

Part of Sustainable Expansion Plan

Aside from being a proof of growth, the opening of this new route was also as part of the previously announced expansion plan.Firefly’s CEO, Ignatius Ong said that they would be focus on underserved and point-to-point strategy in developing flight routes.The connections that want to be put forward are expanding connections between West Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. In addition, expansion is also planned to some potential points in southern Thailand.

Medan Is Smarter Travel Option

This selection was done because Medan was considered as one smart travel option. There are two targets that are the main objectives of businessmen and tourists who will travel with the airline. As a full-fledged IMT-GT airline, Firefly uses the ATR 72-500 and 600 turbo prop aircraft. Firefly provide tremendous ease and reasonable rates. Besides, Firefly also offered an excellent customer service to get the vision for being the safest air travel option.

Bring Both of Malaysian and Indonesian Be Closer

The next aim of the firefly plan to open the new route was to make the both of Malaysian and Indonesia to be closer. Geographically, the two countries are indeed close together even often called the neighboring countries. Even the culture and discussion is almost similar or appropriate that is part of the Malay race. Firefly wanted to strengthen the relationship between the two so that then can provide warmth between the two countries.

With the opening of this new route in Medan, Firefly wanted to expand and hope to grow into a major airline that controls Asia and even the world. The growth of the airline was fairly good so that its plans can be realized.

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