hardtail bikes

Each vehicle has its own classification, including bicycles. Bike has many types, models, variations, and colors to suit certain factors, such as: the difference body postures and terrain that will be encountered. Which is commonly known is the kind of full suspension bike and hardtail bike types. When someone hears a full suspension bike, then it is a bike that comes complete with front and rear suspension, comfort is good, and fully supports the safety of motorists. But it turns out; the bike hardtail (front suspension only) also has good features and advantages for use in certain fields.

hardtail bikes

Hardtail bike to pedal more efficiently especially when finely ground. Gathering has now become one of the reasons for the population living in cities to choose hard tail bike to be a facilitator of their activities. hardtail bike riders also mentioned that the bike is easier to handle in the terrain that is not too technical because it responds more quickly than a full suspension bike.

If you like to climbing a mountain with a bike, then compared to a full suspension bikes, the hardtail bike is better because it is lighter than a full suspension mountain bike making it easier for riders to climb the hill.
On geometric shapes, this bike has a fixed geometric shape. And this makes your body position changes, as well as a certain distance, such as chain lines or the distance between the seat and pedal frame. to be able to adjust, of course, comfort is also going to follow behind it.

Very suitable for those of you who have limited funds. Can not be denied that human purposes often occur unexpectedly. For it, if you have the funds under 100 euros to buy a good quality bike, then this hardtail bike is the right choice, because besides not difficult to buy (there are at most bike shops), hardtail bikes generally have a price hundreds of euros only. You can even find a good hardtail bike for only three or five hundred euros which were packaged in a simple form.

Besides the price which can be reached in a short time to save money, maintenance costs also tend to be much cheaper is what you get when having hardtail bike. This makes most people stay in cycling or running a hobby without having to spend a lot of money. Price of spare parts on hardtail bikes are at the highest level on a scale of medium bike, so even if you do not spend much money for repairs and maintenance, cycling results when you still have good quality.

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