This is Bajaj Cooperation With Triumph – As we already know that for the growth rate on a motorcycle is so high ,, which where almost every road and journey even at the end of the gang nan sempitpun not difficult to find with this mode of economic transportation. With the growth rate of population and high mobility of the need for the motor is very needed for daily needs.

Inilah Kerja Sama Bajaj Dengan Triumph

Well in this case two motorcycle manufacturers which is a different continent ,, Bajaj Auto and Triumph who collaborate to make a motorcycle. modifikasi honda vario 150 But there is no bond associated with capital ,,, Bajaj and Triumph aspire to make a motorcycle with a medium capacity.

In this case this cooperation will allow Triumph to enter the motorcycle market by having high sales figures, especially in the emerging countries market throughout the world, in this case thanks to the help of Bajaj.

And meanwhile Bajaj can get access to Triumph brand and Triumph big motor line up. Bajaj will be able to offer a variety of motor models in both India and International markets. In this case Bajaj will probably be able to sell the Triumph motors in their daeler. With this cooperation with Triumph it will be able to help lift the image of Bajaj.

With this global partnership it will also greatly help Triumph manufacture motorcycles especially in India,, thereby reducing taxes that impact on product price reductions. If Triumph had previously produced its motorcycle in India,, with this partnership manufacturing could have been done at the Bajaj plant in Pune. This partnership can also generate new models launched by higher segmented bajaj.


Bajaj and Triumph which are different continents will collaborate on making the motor. Which is where Bajaj and Triumph aspire to make motorcycles with medium capacity. And while the results of this partnership for Triumph entered the motorcycle market by having high sales figures especially in the growing market of Nagara. And while Bajaj itself gained access to the Triumph brand and a large line up of motorcycles and Bajaj also can offer various models of motor both in domestic market India and International market. May be useful.

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