Coffee is the favorite drink for many people other than tea, and apparently there are many benefits of coffee that can be obtained; only, it is to get the optimal results, consume coffee bitter or without added sugar and cream was the best decision. Coffee is not just a fun drunk when leisure or when going to stay up just because it can make eyes awake all night, but the coffee is good for your health impact and beauty of the skin. It was confirmed in the study so that it can be trusted and proven.

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Benefits of Coffee for Health and Body Freshness

  • Coffee if not taken with too much cream and sugar or even just do not add both will be great benefits, such as preventing cancer cells in the body to develop further. Coffee works very well in protecting the body, especially of breast cancer, liver cancer, prostate, endometrial and all diseases related to insulin, estrogen, and obesity. Has been investigated also by the Harvard School of Public Health that coffee with or without caffeine can help reduce the risk of prostate cancer.
  • Gout is often experienced by many adults who have passed from the age of 40 years and this can be overcome and even prevented by consuming coffee either regular or decaffeinated coffee. The benefits of coffee , especially when taken about five cups a day may reduce the risk of gout.
  • Coffee without sugar and cream believed to be more valuable, especially also in the prevention of gallstone disease. As was demonstrated in 2002 by researchers at Harvard, the risk of gallstones may be reduced, for both men and women. At least three to four cups of coffee do need to be consumed daily.
  • One of the benefits of black coffee for health mental is to reduce depression. Often feel depressed can also be overcome by drinking coffee so that it can improve the quality of life well. In 2011, the Harvard study states that a woman’s risk of depression can be reduced when at least consume 4 cups of coffee a day.
  • For those who are afraid to Parkinson’s disease may feel relieved because in 2000, the Journal of the American Medical Association has stated that the consumption of coffee and caffeine can reduce the risk of this disease. There is another study in 2010 which has also been proved that the chances of suffering from Parkinson’s disease to 25 percent less while consuming about three cups of coffee per day.
  • Coffee benefits more is to prevent the risk of diabetes as reported in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry in 2012; These studies have suggested that the possibility of the development of type 2 diabetes can be reduced by consuming coffee. In patients with type 2 diabetes are usually found abnormal protein fibers produced by hIAPP polypeptide. With the effects of the compounds in coffee, hIAPP, the polypeptide will be prevented and will not be harmful to the body.

Coffee and Beauty Skin

  • The benefits to the skin also was not kidding, if you have a problem eye bags or dark circles under the eyes adorn, caffeine in coffee is highly effective as a solution. Compressed part of your panda eyes with coffee powder which may be mixed with a little water. Maximum results as expected would be realized if the treatment is done regularly. Panda eyes and bags under the eyes will fade over time.
  • Free radicals also is a problem often encountered, but coffee with antioxidant content is able to overcome this problem. Premature aging, acne, and cancer can be fought with the coffee; more okay if the results of treatment by making their own masks with ingredients coffee beans. Use olive oil, a few drops as a mixture.
  • The caffeine in coffee is also nice to nourish the hair and its effectiveness has been proven. For those who feel so slow hair growth and even are experiencing hair loss, it’s time to look at the benefits of coffee for the hair on this one. Rinse your hair with coffee steeping after washing hair; wait a few minutes before using water for rinsing. The growth of the hair is believed stimulated by the caffeine content of coffee; hair roots will also be strengthened by the caffeine.
  • Cellulite is a skin problem that usually makes women worry about, but the caffeine in coffee, the appearance of cellulite can be camouflaged with very effective. The trick is to be used as a scrub ground coffee; use with massaging when applying it to the skin cellulite, do it for a few minutes. Not only clumping of fat to be broken, but the dead skin cells will be removed with a scrub of ground coffee earlier.

Not unexpectedly found that coffee has an important role in preventing various diseases and even able to enhance the beauty of our skin. As long as they are not consumed in excess, coffee would not be harmful, and in fact there are many benefits of coffee to be had.

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