Pediatrician Of Tips For A Return To Softer School!

Take notes here iconsigli pediatrician for the return to more softdei children’s school after the summer holidays. Homework, sleep and snacks for the best start.

The return to school after the holidays of children must be addressed properly to avoid them some adjustment disorders of the transition from one style of holiday life to that school.

Let’s start with the awakening

Start with a key tip accustomed and gradually get used to going to bed earlier to avoid that after a week of early morning awakenings your children become nervous, agitated, intractable, oppositional and smilies from zombies. In these cases are useless vitamins, threats, tonics, exams etc. If you check the tasks to do around the last week.

Prevent and deal with the anxiety of children is better than having to treat

By now most of the children arrive at the appointed time (after experiencing kindergarten and kindergarten) knowing to find in the classroom a few little friend with whom to share this new school adventure. However, the anxiety of the new environment, the new rules, the fear of not being able to learn to read and write can take over, and then what Mom and Dad should help the child, highlighting the positive aspects you grow up, you learn a lot of things, you’ll be reading the books his mother and stimulate their curiosity. They are to avoid the phrases the free ride is over, finally someone who puts you in line because it gives the school a punitive role.

For children who, however, found it difficult to fit into the new environment, before you decide to change schools must deal with your pediatrician or by a competent person of trust (pedagogue, psychologist, child psychiatrist, experienced teacher etc.) And understand why. The school requires an expenditure of energy not just, so that the children get used to going to bed early in the evening and have a good breakfast in the morning, refreshed face the day. We create, maybe, small rituals so the evening we read stories about children or animals outgoing and returning in the morning and inventiamoci a salute in front of the school of our own.

The concern of parents, falls on the type of school to attend to the children, full-time, or just half a day with a few back And again, Italian or German school or international school on the American model The goodness of a school depends on various factors, but above all by the people who work there. The school even before in its formulas and its organizations, is what it is for people who realize it, the head teacher at the school janitor and, above all, for teachers, who, with their ways, their gestures, their wishes and above all with the desire to educate forge tomorrow’s adults. NEVER SPEAK EVIL OF SCHOOL OR TEACHER IN FRONT OF CHILDREN.

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