Roof Abandoned Fantastic Terrace

We dedicate this project to all lovers of transformation, of rebirth and good taste. It is one of those before and after that make us realize how a seemingly hopeless space, if put in the right hands, can actually turn into a radical way. We speak of a roof abandoned and overgrown, which thanks to the architect and designer Carolina Mendonça became a beautiful terrace full of detail and style … curious Let’s see what it is!

A large space and lifeless

The skyline above the roof offered, was certainly a detail that could not go unnoticed. The space had been left for too long, but despite all his conditions were not so dire … what was needed was just the right dose of wit and creativity that together would give it the right way.

Take advantage of every available corner

A show!! There are no other words to describe the change that involved this space … a lovely terrace, full of details and great designs. The space was divided into three different zones with each other the first is in the open air, it is perfect for relaxing and dining as well as an open area also encompasses an area protected by a wooden fence; the second is closed and covered, and includes an entertainment area, a dining room, the kitchen and a hot tub; the last one, finally, is a second outdoor area which houses a beautiful swimming pool.

Just like in the house

The covered area can be considered as a real house, simple but elegant, equipped with all necessary amenities and especially a natural light vastness. Each internal environment, which is the corner TV, the living room, the dining room or the kitchen, stands out for its elegance and sophistication … but that’s not all …

A perfect kitchen

This kitchen has everything … even the wood oven! For this environment, the designers opted for a palette of colors designed to fill the room warmth and naturalness. Wood is the main choice, traditional but combined with the extremely modern lines … a perfect match!

details from the outside

The connection between the spaces is a constant in this project. Although the kitchen and dining area are in fact separated by large glass doors, in fact, their transparency makes the two incredibly united environments, as well as extremely illuminated and fresh. A very clever solution!

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