sap tutorial

sap tutorial

ABAP has transformed itself from a programming language, which was used internally only at SAP, into a development platform for business applications on application servers from SAP.

The groundwork for this article was laid incrementally; it involved many years of training and practical experience, with topics that today would come under the overarching terms SAP and ABAP Tutorial programming. Ongoing
and intense collaboration with the development departments at SAP in Walldorf. Germany, has enabled us to learn a great deal about the SAP.

The way of solving problems and what must be considered in the process. A practice scenario that uses the knowledge gained in individual chapters demonstrates how to create a comprehensive and professional application. This shared expertise will enable you to become more familiar with the source code from SAP and ultimately work to your advantage.

At the cost of in-house development in languages specific to an industry (COBOL, Visual Basic, Delphi, C++, and Java), the number of modifications and enhancements made to the standard business software in use
is growing increasingly. Use of the proprietary language from SAP, ABAP Objects, prevails wherever SAP software is being used-in more than 50,000 large and midsize enterprises around the world. This language is not only the foundation of more than 40 application components of SAP ERP (for instance, Financials (FI) and Materials Management (MM)), but also of all SAP solutions that enhance SAP ERP in vital areas such as SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) and SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM).

Consequently, there has been such a growth in the popularity of the ABAP Objects language, which many analysts would have found inconceivable just some time ago. This article introduces you to the programming of efficient business applications with ABAP Objects. It offers beginning programmers and those familiar with other languages practical assistance in getting started.

All chapters have the same structure: The tasks and questions that arise are introduced against the background of business and technological problems. Step-by-step directions lead to concrete applications and solutions. Special attention is given to the basics and to showing how professional ABAP programmers, even those at SAP, use individual language elements to solve complex problems

This article about SAP Tutorial introduces you to software development with ABAP Objects and to the SAP NetWeaver Application Server (SAP NetWeaver AS). Based on an outline of the most important topics in SAP development, it enables you to begin working with ABAP Objects. Each section begins with the most important ABAP commands that apply to the topic.


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