Lose Fat

Health experts say that sitting in a long time, like when we just lazy to watch television or work in the office can trigger weight gain and various other diseases. The problem is, we certainly cannot avoid the habit of sitting for a long time while working in the office, right? So, is there any way we can do so not easy to experience weight problems?

Lose Fat

Health experts say that as long as we do the following things, we will not easily be fat despite sitting long while working in the office.

Always take the time to take a walk
Although it looks simple, walking into the kitchen, to the bathroom, just enjoying the scenery in the garden or yard, it can help us prevent weight gain. Every 1 or 2 hours, take the walk for at least 30 seconds while stretching the body.

Wearing stairs
If our office has several floors, try to climb the stairs every time you have to go upstairs instead of using an elevator. This will keep us physically trained so it will not be easy to gain weight.

Exercising after work
Health experts advise us to walk, use public transportation, or use a bicycle to reach the workplace because it will keep us physically active. If it is difficult to do, try to take a workout at the gym or do some simple exercises such as walking, jogging or yoga at night after work.

Always consume healthy food
At breakfast, be sure to eat healthy foods with balanced nutrition. Also, avoid unhealthy or sugar-free snacks or drinks while working in the office and replace them with healthy snacks like fruits.

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