Supply DIY How To Install False Wooden Beams

We love the rustic style and would love to recreate in our house warm atmosphere of rural homes We never thought about the false authentic wooden beams It is a high-impact solution rather simple to implement, which will help us make it even more welcoming and striking our home. And if we like to dabble with Yourself, we can follow these easy tips and try to install it yourself our new beams!

We define the project

First of all, with precise measurements of the environment it should be noted that we intend to install the beams, establishing how many will be needed and the distance to be maintained between them. Recall that if the surface to be covered is large, it may be useful to support the beams of the wooden pillars a solution that may still be of great impact, as we can see in this fascinating example.

Measuring up

Once we have laid out the project, we will be able to purchase the beams and with any subsequent cut. The ideal is to rely on a center that specializes in DIY, where, in addition to recommending the most suitable type of wood for our needs and for the results we want to achieve, can easily and quickly cut the beams with special machines.

We indicate the position of the beams on the ceiling

Before installing, we use a black marker to medium point (from visible stretch) to draw on the ceiling the position where we want to secure each beam. We do not neglect to indicate any links between a beam and the other, if the surface to be covered is vast.

The double bedroom

The master bedroom, on the other hand, is an environment of its own, as it should be, in relation to privacy requires that this environment. However, it is still a whole with the rest of the house. Here too there is a total white very strong, the only thing that differs is the tissue that lines the bed, gray as the sofa. For the rest, everything is white. In addition to this, the essence strengthens the bond between this room and the rest of the house, the elements are geometric and highly integrated with the building structure, ensuring total consistency in building the strong personality that characterizes the apartment.

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