Suzuki Will Not Be Hydrated, Hayabusa, Prepared Disappointed – The term from Moge itself sometimes juxtaposed with any motorcycle that looks great, not only the size of the engine cylinder, but even in appearance.

Suzuki Tidak Akan Merombak Hayabusa,, Bersiap-Siap Kecewa

Well for users like Suzuki Hayabusa big motor in this case is already about 10 years did not experience with any change. Which is where in the eleventh year of 2018 the motorcycle enthusiasts Hayabusa still have to get ready for disappointment.

In this case Suzuki has just announced will not change the look on the motor Hayabusa in its eleventh year. For this matter from a data on “CARB” California Air Resource Board Hayabusa Hayabusa emission figures are still the same as last year. This means that the machine that will be used will be the same and no new models will be offered.

For this Hayabusa motorcycle which once became a motor that is considered the fastest in the world previously reported will undergo changes after its rival is Kawasaki which increases the standard H2 and H2R engines.

In this case but Suzuki not just change Hayabusa ,, this motor next year will still use a machine that has a capacity of 1340 cc with four cylinders in line, thanks to the engine that this motor can produce power reaches 197 horsepower and 155 Nm of torque.

On the engine mated to a 6 speed transmission. Moge is also offered three driving modes and is accompanied by ABS braking system.


In next year Hayabusa motor will not be overhauled, but for fans not to be disappointed, this bike remains the fastest because it will still use a machine that has a capacity of up to 1340 cc by having four cylinders in line thanks to the engine it can produce power up to 197 horsepower and 155 Nm of torque with 6 speed transmission, three driving modes and also with ABS braking system. May be useful.

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