The Bath Custom Bathroom

The bathroom is perhaps the only area of ??the loft which for obvious reasons must have partitions to ensure privacy the absence of default items that usually characterizes this type of buildings, however, allows to derive ample space for the bathroom and implement solutions tailored. Such as the large soaking bath personalized proposal that we see here made of masonry, it is coated ceramic internally, just like the pools. In this way we could also take advantage of any irregularities of the room as niches, rounded corners or crooked walls.


The glass door to separate the kitchen

Although we love to open plan loft typical of the structure, however, we do not want to give up separating the kitchen from the living We use a large glass door, with iron structure, as we see in this example 02A STUDIO. It is a very trendy item, which fits well into the context of the industrial loft and it allows you to isolate the kitchen if necessary, while keeping it ideally combined with the living room.

The glass used as concrete wall

If the partition walls in just fit the masonry of the loft spirit, cement glass is otherwise ideal architectural element to organize the space, because it allows light to filter through, creating evocative effects. In this project, for example, the concrete glass walls are used to create the cube that houses the sew in the middle of an open space grits.

Large sofas in the living room

We take advantage of considerable size which usually characterize the lofts to furnish the living area with large sofas, as we see in this example, in which even the traditional table in the center of the living room is replaced by a comfortable ottoman in extra large size.

The library made with recycled materials

Another great advantage to be reckoned of loft is the ability to use materials generally considered humble and not very suitable for furniture. Starting with the materials of recovery, as for example the wooden crates, which allow to realize a fascinating library of industrial inspiration.

Modern walls: 13 ideas with the niches they do for you

The options when you decide to decorate the walls of the house are endless, from different colors, paintings, works of art, the wallpaper in some cases, to the lights, but in any case no one thinks immediately to the possibility of leave empty spaces. And that is, enter the niches in the wall configuration, or take advantage of existing, as a means to create interesting designs to enliven the walls of the house.

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