The Best Of Our Kitchens In 10 Projects

Scandinavian or ultra modern style, wood and stone or steel and decorative tiles, compact or starring island the kitchen is the hub of the daily household and as such becomes a living part of the house. The next 10 projects will inspire you, bringing you insights succulent everyone to copy. Ready to browse this book of ideas

Essential unique concept

The compact kitchen to dining, this kitchen table is a perfect example of the combination of modernity and attention to trends. clean lines, steel and a versatile partition wall are combined with vivid colors for a joyful atmosphere.

A touch industrial

Soaked to the core of a beautiful industrial essence, the next kitchen presents a fascinating mix of materials, from wood to lytic area, all illuminated by a great effect both on the island equipped hanging lamps on the dining table.

tradition revisited

Small but ultra cozy, like sacrificing tradition revisited in a modern key, inherent in the near kitchenette! Stone and dark wood become the mouthpiece of a timeless classic, combined with brand new LED profiles and a functional and contemporary hood.

Eco-friendly and modern


The true soul of the next wonderful project is without a doubt the wooden and eco-friendly. The natural appearance that presents the environment makes it in step with the times and great taste. At the center, a large table that retrieves the strokes of the kitchenette and sides with a mobile raw iron shelves, simple but with a strong personality.

Eye to the finish


The coating can make a difference, even in the kitchen! Function should in fact not be at the expense of visual pleasure and behold, a back composed of decorative cement tiles will make dynamic even the most minimal environment.

Elegance and order


Elegant and orderly, the next kitchen leaves us breathless with color delicacy and forms, symmetry and size, mixture of styles and brightness.

In the children’s dormitory

Donate or sell your old toys

Children grow at a dizzying speed, and therefore, stop using certain toys before they are broken or outdated. Select the objects that your children discard and put on a small point of exchange and sale in your garage in order to recover valuable space in their bedrooms.

In the TV room


Streaming an increasingly compelling choice

Instead of buying DVDs, CDs and other media – perhaps by the charm a bit ‘retro – opt for a more practical option for a platform for streaming and start saving money and space.

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