The Creative Restructuring of a Tremendous House

When we come home after a day of work, it is difficult to regenerate if we are welcomed by a boring and unattractive environment. The house represents ourselves, the most positive side of our personality and therefore we have to welcome and pamper it. Very often, though, we do not care, the years pass, and furniture, accessories, lighting and anything else remain anchored to a past age, until we notice it and take action. And that’s exactly what happened to this small home, renewed and updated by a CASAS A PUNTOS home staging team. Follow us to find out step by step the revival path that has affected the social areas and the bedrooms.

Curious Follow us!

A welcome welcome …

We begin with the social space, a unique environment consisting of the dining area, kitchen and living area. This space represents the place where you find yourself, where guests are welcomed and therefore the plumbean atmosphere that characterizes it does not give rise to some great enthusiasm anonymous, white and dark brown furniture combine with a cold and blinding neon light , More common in a hospital environment than in a home. In addition, the obsolete floor and the old doors just make things worse.

A cool and bright space

Lightness and brightness are the two key words around which revitalize this environment slim, essential and light wood furniture replaced dark and old style, including the dining table, which now has a taller and slender structure, With four stools in place of the chairs. Our experts preferred to point on the white for the furniture in the background, the door and the walls, and on the table light wood with the seats. Additionally small decorative elements have been added as simple paintings and cute baskets hanging on the walls.

A look at the kitchen

From this perspective, we can observe the location of the kitchen and the degree of natural brightness that the whole environment enjoys. By proceeding in degrees, we note that our professionals have opted for total white for both furniture and kitchen appliances, so as not to alter the predetermined chromatic equilibrium; Of course, this whining of white is exalted by the abundant natural light coming from the two openings at the bottom and so this choice is optimal when you are going to replace a dark floor like that of the dwelling in question.

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