The Elegant Renovation That You Do Not Expect

A total makeover for a whole new look is what we propose in this article. The project that we present is what has affected a 44 m2 apartment, located in Strasbourg, which was in need of an overhaul in order to be placed on the rental market. The furniture that was chosen is in a vintage style; in particular, the furniture very reminiscent of the style that can be traced in the Parisian bistro. The work included, among other things, the replacement of coatings for walls and floors, as well as the choice of furniture and furnishings. Ready to go to the discovery of this radical transformation

Before dark environment and unattractive

The apartment had basic good potential but clamoring to be renewed. The dark parquet coating was very nice but did not lend itself well to a small environment such as that to which we are facing and, above all, the furniture was presented as truly obsolete indolexa. Even the walls and ceiling in need of a fresh coat of paint. Let’s see what has changed after the restyling in this dark room and unattractive.

After Bright environment and with character

The room has completely changed in appearance. Have antique furniture added that recall the typical bistro-style and soft light has changed the atmosphere of the room. The green color pastel that was lying on the walls suggests a kind of spatial dynamism and freshness. Finally, the wood tones chosen for the flooring is much clearer than the previous year, which gave the perception of an even smaller space.

First a small bathroom

Here’s how it appeared at the bathroom before the renovations. The environment, in itself small, was also very little functional. The restyling has affected every corner of the room that has been brought to light thanks to the new decorations. It was returned to the environment space thanks to the colors and furniture, simple but functional.

After an airy space

The environment protagonist of this apartment is the property at the same time is also a dining room and kitchen. This is the only solution to preserve the organization acceptable space. If you put the dividers would escape the space of the room. This result was achieved thanks to the clever use of color and white as well as the sources of natural light and a simple and practical furnishings.

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