The Mistakes To Avoid When Cooking The Chicken

The mistakes to avoid when cooking the chicken, trickery into the kitchen to bring a perfect chicken to the table.

It often happens to choose to bring chicken breast recipes to the table because cooking an entire chicken can be complicated. Cooking is not uniform, with the outside well cooked and the raw interior, the meat is dry and unappetizing, or just simply, the chicken does not know anything about it, it is completely tasteless. You make certain mistakes and just fix them to bring to the table a nice whole chicken tasty, succulent and cooked to the right spot! We see the mistakes to avoid when cooking the chicken.
For a uniform cooking

To prevent some parts of the chicken from cooking elsewhere, tie the chicken. Usually, the wings tend to bake in less time than the rest, so it will be enough to tie them to the kitchen string to overcome the problem.
To give flavor

A buttery butter, perhaps flavored, will allow you to get a chicken more tasty and leave the meat softer and moist. Even those with diet can use this stratagem, 30 grams of butter distributed over a whole chicken does not bring much excess calories. Unless, of course, do not want to eat it all by yourself!
For optimum grilling

Begin by baking the chicken from the belly and then continue on the back. This will allow you to dissolve fat more slowly, not stop the meat, and avoid the appearance of smelly flames due to the fat that drips into the fire.
Perfect cooking on the carton or with aluminum

Aluminum or traditional cooking on the cartridge utilizes all the power of the steam and allow the chicken meat to cook evenly. To garnish the chicken on the surface, remove the paper (foil or oven) five minutes after cooking.

Is it really cooked

To know it, do not be afraid to use the feel! The raw chicken, in fact, tends to remain lukewarm; If you are not sure about the internal cooking, use your fingers with great caution.

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